One of the things that I learned recently, is that PG’s aren’t infallible.  Essentially, we may not know all the rules; but know the essential ones.  In teaching or demonstrating the game, the rules are something that gets overlooked; certainly when I do it.

My demo style is more like a walkthru, where I will lead the player through the motions of learning.  One of the first mistakes I made, in my first demo; was information overload.  Adding in tactical tips, is another thing I avoid; as that just confuses the issue.  It is also pointless, as they may not start with the factions you demo (Cryx v Mercs, is my demo boxes); so giving tips on those is worthless to them (at that moment).

So turn 1, Focus/Fury and Movement; are the basics you need to learn.  Ignore the cards, as there isn’t much other than SPD and Focus/Fury you need just now.  Turn 2 Combat, Charging and Boosting.  This is the turn that will take the longest, depending on the player. I’ve not mentioned Magic, as this is something that will overload them; especially when you have synergies of spells to consider.  Turn 3, is everything in Turn 1 and 2 combined; with some hints or guidance should they be needed.  Turn 4, start to set up the end game; where they gain victory through Caster Kill.

I used to think throwing the game was unfair to the new player, but there is a learning opportunity which is vital in WM/H.  Unless your Caster is Karchev, you don’t want to be near combat; unless absolutely necessary.  So to learn this, you make them kill your Caster/Warlock; to show what happens – i.e. Game Over.  There is also the added bonus, from them winning their first game; that they may be more inclined to try again.

Overall, the game should be enjoyable and fun.  If that isn’t achieved, then something has gone wrong somewhere.


I used to listen to a lot of podcasts, but with not being in the car as much; I don’t have the time any more.  There are two podcasts that I would like to bring to your attention, one I was part of recently and one that I might know one of the hosts.

Tartan Skirmish Radio, hosted by David of Coin and Carnage blog; is thankfully still going.  David has decided to bring in guests each month, who will help him host the show.  This month he has Kenzie, a fellow Malifaux player.  Their second episode can be downloaded from the Tartan Skirmish site, or from iTunes.

The other podcast is of course, Boosted Damage.  Having recently painted  a model for Jon Webb, it was nice to hear that the show has reached its 100th episode.  With lots of guests dropping by, it is a cracking episode to celebrate one of the UK’s best WM/H podcasts.

So if you’ve never listened to a podcast, or just want something new to try; check out these two.  You won’t be disappointed.

Maelok Done

He was actually finished on Sunday, but I haven’t had the energy to do much this last couple of days.  A combination of the tournament (tiring), bad news and emotional troubles; has made this weekend a rollercoaster affair.

Now the person I was painting this model for, is none other than Jon Webb.  Some of you will know him, if you listen to Boosted Damage podcast; while others from the general WM/H scene.  No disrespect to Jon, but I wasn’t aware of his background as a professional painter; or who I was painting for.  So on learning this, I now totally feel inadequate to the levels that he is used to painting.  However, this venture wasn’t about skill; it was about bringing Press Gangers together for fun.

I have been a PG for all of 3 months now, but in that time I have seen why the Press Gang are well-respected in the gaming industry.  It all starts with Privateer Press, who provide a fantastic support system for them to do their job.  It’s not about the previews, the points for tournaments or the occasional special gift.  It’s about the fact that you can email someone directly at PP, getting an answer within 24 hours.  Any problems, get dealt with quickly and to the benefit of the community.  PP also make the PG’s feel like they are part of the ‘PP Family’, never treating them like cogs that are only need for one thing – promoting the game.

So the Press Gangers themselves, what makes them special?  While each of them has their own unique traits or personalities, they are all there for the Gang.  Words of advice, pointers and just general banter; as well as exchanging ideas and models occasionally.

Each year the PG’s do a painting exchange, where they sign up to paint a model for fellow Press Ganger.  Kind of like a Secret Santa, you can sometimes not know what you are getting.  In this case, I worked out with Jon; what I would paint for him – Maelok the Dreadbound.

Here is a small glimpse of the finished article, it wouldn’t be fair to Jon to reveal it all to you; before he has the model in hand.

Tartan Skirmish Radio

About a month ago, I mentioned this podcast; which I am working on with David.  Well through various delays and complications, we have finally got the first episode out there.  This was recorded about a month ago, hence why there is some parts that appear out of date.  That said, we hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave feedback and comments.  If there is anyone looking to promote an event or particular game; contact me on or at

Tartan Skirmish Radio








Tartan Skirmish Radio????


Anyone hear of this?  Seems there is a new podcast coming that will be focusing on Skirmish games, like Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Infinity and possibly even the newest bad boy – Bushido.

Bringing news and reviews, from the world of small scale skirmish gaming. Tartan Skirmish Radio will also give a Scottish perspective, on the growing gaming scene in Scotland; from small clubs to big events.

Now if only they could get their hands on some Bushido, before the first show?