Abracadabra…..Hey Presto!

Despite not feeling the urge to paint this month, I did have fun painting the first of the Impact Miniatures! Chibi Dungeon Adventurers models.  Naturally, I had to start with the one that my wife loved most – the ‘Wizard’.  Any similarity, to a character from an 80’s cartoon; is purely coincidental.

presto2 presto3


Find a way home……

Last month I mentioned a delivery, which I had been expecting for a while. Thankfully it arrived a few days before I headed to the Nationals, so it gave me time to clean them up in the hotel.

Gamers of a certain age, will recognise the similarities with a children’s cartoon from the 1980’s.  So to get the chance to pledge to a Kickstarter with models that looked similar to those characters; was just a must have.



The wizard model at the back will be my Painting Oath pledge for July, though I will hopefully be painting them all this month.  I would like to add a special thank you to the guys at Impact Miniatures, who were very helpful and efficient; when a problem arose with the delivery.  Now I’m off you watch the boxset of said cartoon, which my loving wife bought me several years ago (she says I look like Presto).


Making an Impact

With luck next week will bring with it, not only the UK Nationals; but also something in the post.  I’ve been looking forward to this arriving for a long while now, as it takes me back to my childhood.

As it will hopefully arrive in time for July, I’ll be using them as my Painting Oath for that month.  So watch this space from what delights I will be painting soon, for now I’m going to go get the boxset to listen to as I paint.


June Oath Complete

Painting Oaths has been a positive influence, not just to my painting; but also my personal life.  So to have this group pushing me and making me grow as a painter, has been a tremendous benefit to me.  This month has been the hardest month so far, with regards to model choice and the sheer effort it has taken; to master even a little of the skill involved in freehand.  There is no way I would have done it without this group, so thanks again guys and gals.

So the month started out like this:

IMAG0932 IMAG0935


Barring some touch ups and completing the base, my oath is complete for June.  Included is freehand work for the Secret Ingredient, of Skull and 2 Cryx faction symbols (10 images):

IMAG0946 IMAG0947 IMAG0948 IMAG0949 IMAG0950 IMAG0951 IMAG0952 IMAG0953 IMAG0954 IMAG0955


RL Sucks

Apologies for lack of updates and pics of the models I am painting.  This is due  to the vagaries of the welfare system in the UK, in respect to how easily someone can screw you over with a simple mistake.  It’s taken nearly a week to get everything set back on track again.

So painting has been an ‘as and when’ kind of week, with the Blonde (Blood) Witches half finished; and some more work on the Kraken.  I had gotten the ‘leg’ section painted the previous week, but with all the issues; I haven’t had time to post it up.

IMAG0936 IMAG0940


As the Kraken is to be my Oath for June, I am including the Secret Ingredient (Freehand) on as much as I can.  Now given the size of the Kraken, I think painting the thing with a brush should count as freehand *grins*.

Ok, ok it was worth a chance.  So if you won’t accept a hand painted Kraken, I guess I will just have to give you this little piece of freehand completed today.



I’ll admit, I have never considered myself an award winning painter; but I am really blown away by how good this looks.  Especially considering, this is what I originally wanted on that carapace.