Micro Arts Studio



During a quiet moment from painting, I started looking for scenic bases; as these seem to have exploded onto the modellers world with full force.  Micro Art Studio is a small Polish manufacturer, who has some amazing bases and scenery.

Designed with most game systems in mind, there is some focus on items specifically for Infinity.  For WM/H players though, there are all the usual sizes and some 120mm bases; which is what caught my attention.

I got an email this morning from Kacper, the designer and owner of Micro Art Studios; generously contributing some items for the Scottish Masters. He will be sending some items over shortly, so from all the Scottish Masters team; thank you.



Scottish Masters is Live!



About 30 minutes ago, the sales of tickets for the first Scottish Masters went on sale.  This has been some of the hardest work in a long while, mostly because of the short time constraints.  The biggest problem came from the payment system we are using, which will be Ranking HQ.

After wrestling with it for several hours, it finally got sorted and the event is now live on Ranking HQ.  While this is a Scottish event, we aren’t restricting this to just players from Scotland.  If the aim is to expand next year, players from further afield should be encouraged to come along.  Though they should be aware, this is only a one day event this year.

Details of the event can be found here at Ranking HQ

Thuds in the Night

Ok, so it was this morning; but there was still a heavy thud on my doorstep.  A package had arrived from Bob at PP, containing faction coins and some little surprises.  Big thanks to everyone at PP, as well as Steve at Cerberus for putting this together.

Can you say shiny?



We have both Warmachine:



And Hordes:



Those of you sharp of eye will notice something wrong, but I’ll not spoil it for you.  Along with the coins, there was set of 6 Steamroller dice; which we will most likely be giving away as spot prizes on the day.  We’ve only just started this and I’m excited about it already.


Scottish Masters Update


Things are progressing at a rapid pace just now, with lots of ideas coming forward and also so great news.  Going go add a sticky to the site, with all the details of people who help out with this event.  There will also be a dedicated page with the same info and details of what they have done.


So first up, a big thank you to the guys at Privateer Press (EU) and Cerberus, who have put together a little pack of goodies to be used towards the prize support. Included in this, will be a faction coin for every faction available; except Convergence.  I think these will be hotly contested Best in Faction coins, which is always good to spice up the rivalries on the day.

In other news we are sourcing some potential awards, for both Top 3 players and the Top 3 for the painting element.  As a painter, I always want to promote this side of the hobby; no matter what people’s ability levels are.  We also hope to offer a little prize money/tokens/credit as well, but from talking to the players; the honour claiming Best in Scotland is what matters most to them.

Scottish Masters 2013

I am happy to announce, that Scotland will be holding it’s first Masters style tournament on 28th September 2013.  There is still a lot of work to do, in the 2 months we have to plan this, but we already have a great venue and really enthusiastic player base.

Until this year, there hasn’t been a big enough gaming venue in Scotland to run this kind of event.  Highlander Games, in Dundee regularly has 20 – 25 players at their events.  This was about the limit, without going to the extreme of hiring something.  Common Ground Games opened there doors in Stirling, offering a venue with twenty six 6′ x 4′ gaming spaces, with additional space open for CCG’s, Boardgames and any other games you could conceive.

With the assistance of all the PG’s in Scotland (Michael, Frazer, Est and myself), we hope to run a 32 player event.  Starting at 35pts in the first year (to keep it one day in length), we hope to work out any kinks or problems; that might crop up.  Then in 2014, with more time to plan; we will ramp it up to a full 64 players 2 day 50 pts Masters tournament.  This will hopefully offer another WM/H tournament into the UK calender, along side the other events like UK Nationals and Smogcon.  Between Scottish Masters, Warmachine: Tactics and all the events happening in Scotland; it’s a busy time for the PG’s right now…….and I am loving it!