Common Ground Games

During my visit to Common Ground Games, there was number of things we needed to find out.  The first was to see the place in person, as photo’s and video even; can be deceptive.  The video below is how I first saw Common Ground Games

Looks good, but not as good as seeing it in person.  I took a couple of pics of the gaming space, which hopefully shows the size of it.


So if you fancy heading down for a game, or just to check out the shop; you can find it at

Common Ground Games
40 Cowane Street, Stirling, FK8 1JR

T: 01786 357414


Carronade 2012

The sun is still shining and I’m just about to get some dinner, but today has been fantastic.  While I was part of demonstration team for Livingston Battleground, I was also representing Privateer Press; with some demos at Carronade.

I was actually nervous about this, as this is the first convention/trade show I have done.  So in a way, it was good to be part of a larger group of players.  That said, other than a slightly hesitant demo against fellow club member Greg Fyfe; the rest of the day went smoothly.  A big part of that, is down to the help of Jonathan Mitchell (Skorne player); who played and ran a couple of demo’s while I took a break occasionally.

The Tiger Jack (Khador Boxset) were a massive attraction, with everyone commenting on how good they looked; and when could they use them.  I think they were used in every single demo, which is a testament to the advantage of using fully painted models at shows.  With a table booked for the other big Scottish show, Claymore; Warmachine/Hordes is definitely getting shown off to a large gaming audience in Scotland.

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Warmahorde Worlds Event

Frank, our local mad gaming store owner (has to mad, he lets me in the shop); asked me about the possibility of running a combined event with Flames of War.  Now while the prospect of a Deathjack mauling a Tiger tank, has certain appeal; this wasn’t what he meant.

So over the last month or so, we have been hunting out locations and working on ideas for the event.  Today we revealed our madness to the light of day.  On 20th May 2012, Worlds Gaming Day will be born.  Running at the same time, it will be a 24 player Flames of War tournament and a 36 player tournament.  It will be a charity event, with monies raised going to the British Legion.

For the Warmahorde Worlds side of things, I wanted something completely different.  Using SR2012, the following format will be used.

If there is less than 16 players – 4 rounds, more than 16 players – 5 rounds.

First 3 or 4 rounds (depending on numbers) will be 35 pts, character restricted; with two army lists.  The final round (round 4 or 5), will be ONE (1) 50pt,  non-character restricted list.  This means players can use anything they like, in an All or Nothing last game.  This will be a big step up for me, but I am already looking forward to it.

Skirmish 2012 *Update*

Last night, I had a meeting with the organisers of Skirmish 2012; which has turned out to be very productive and beneficial for all involved.

First up, I want to say thank you to John; for agreeing to meet with me over some concerns I had with Skirmish.  We have ironed these out, to the point that I have been asked to help out.  So what goodness and goodies can we expect so far from Skirmish 2012.

Tournaments –

  • Flames of War
  • Warmachine/Hordes
  • Malifaux
  • Warhammer 40K
  • Blood Bowl

A big thank you to Geoff at Chaos of the Warp, for committing to run, not just the 40K; but also bring a Blood Bowl tournament to the event.  With other things in the works, that will be nearly 100 players turning up; just for the tournaments alone.

Skirmish isn’t just going to be about the tournaments though, there are hopes of getting vendors and traders here as well as demonstrations of other games.  With this in mind, we are in negotiation with Pyre Studios; who hope to bring some of their games as well as demo them on the day.

If there are any stores or traders out there, that would like space; feel free to drop me an email at  Skirmish 2012, is  aiming to bring the widest wide range of attractions; for players and gamers alike.  No longer will you be stood watching others play, Skirmish will bring the battle to YOU!


In my excitement to tell the world about Skirmish 2012, I neglected to add in Flames of War into the tournaments listed.  There is already a large and growing fanbase for this game in Scotland, which will have the opportunity to take part in the only Scottish heat for Flames of War Tournament Series 2012.

Details are still being negotiated, but it is hoped this will become the premier Flames of War event in Scotland each year.