Water Water Everywhere

The endless expanse of water, while not real; is still not drinkable for the crews of my Russian fleet.

Progress is coming on with the whole fleet, where I have added the Battle Carrier (not shown) as well.

 photo IMAG0738_zps042d2ca8.jpg

 photo IMAG0740_zpsaee279d9.jpg

 photo IMAG0741_zps36860072.jpg

 photo IMAG0737_zps7c9b5cd4.jpg

 photo IMAG0739_zpsd7aae49a.jpg

 photo IMAG0736_zps64999316.jpg

 photo IMAG0735_zpsda392bfc.jpg

 photo IMAG0734_zpsa5d907c7.jpg

What hit me?

Walking out the door to run my first 2013 tournament, fully loaded with 3 bags and a laptop; I wind up flat on my back and in agony from slipping on the 2mm ice sheet covering the path.  Sadly this unplanned activity lands me in A&E (ER for our American readers), where I am poked, x-ray’d and sent home with painkillers.

From what I remember of it, I went full horizontal; coming down hard on my back just between the shoulder blades.  At least that is the area, that is hurting the most this morning.  I have to thank PG Kallas (Tom), for stepping in at the last second to run his first official tournament as a PG.  Hopefully I can return the favour for him one day.  Painting wise, I might be a little slower; but I am stubborn enough to meet my target of painting all my Dystopian Wars for the 9th February.

I Be Painting…..

Yep, the painting bug has returned. Now that the fun projects are out of the way, I can get back to my usual WM/H painting. Though having said that, I seem to have taken up a new game; something called Dystopian Wars?

There are a number of players now at Worlds at War, so seeing as I am putting Malifuax to bed; I need something to take it’s place. Frank the owner of Worlds, offered to give me a demo; which is always fatal for me. So the following week I walked out with the Russian Coalition Naval starter set.

In between another (super secret project), I am painting them slowly for a tournament on the 9th February. Yes 2 games into the game and I am up for a tournament, what can I say; I love to challenge myself. Anyway, here are the first pics of the Tiny Flyers, with sea and basecoat of Vallejo (Model Colour) Medium Sea Grey.

 photo IMAG0713.jpg

 photo IMAG0712.jpg