Claymore 2013

This Saturday, I will be demoing WM/H at one of Scotland’s biggest wargame shows.  Last year I demo’d Heap, the fun Bodgers card game from Privateer Press.

Other than the odd time, I haven’t demo’d the game like this in a long while so I am both looking forward to it and a little anxious.  I’ll be making time to speak to some of the traders as well, hopefully seeing if they can help out with the Scottish Masters.  Other than arranging payment of the entry fees everything is coming together for the event.  I’ll be promoting it on Saturday, hoping to spread the word about it.

If you would like to help out, or can offer something towards the event; please feel free to contact

Where it began

Just over two years ago, this was the scene in a small section of the exhibition hall at the UK Games Expo.


Some players might recognise Pash Odedra, Press Ganger for Privateer Press.  I am the one on the right, in the long sleeves; trying to take a photo of the demo table.  This was my very first taste of the game, which even then set the precedent of my WM/H journey; yep I lost.  A lot of the thanks for why I am still playing the game, goes to Pash; who showed such passion and enthusiasm for the game; it was infectious.  From the humble Cryx battlebox I bought on that day, I am now owner of over 140 pts of Cryx; as well as Khador, Trolls and Legion battleboxes.  That is more than I ever had playing Battletech, the only other game to keep my attention for longer than a few years.

With no diminishing of my desire for this game and Privateer Press in general, I foresee many more years of playing Warmachine and Hordes.

Carronade 2012

The sun is still shining and I’m just about to get some dinner, but today has been fantastic.  While I was part of demonstration team for Livingston Battleground, I was also representing Privateer Press; with some demos at Carronade.

I was actually nervous about this, as this is the first convention/trade show I have done.  So in a way, it was good to be part of a larger group of players.  That said, other than a slightly hesitant demo against fellow club member Greg Fyfe; the rest of the day went smoothly.  A big part of that, is down to the help of Jonathan Mitchell (Skorne player); who played and ran a couple of demo’s while I took a break occasionally.

The Tiger Jack (Khador Boxset) were a massive attraction, with everyone commenting on how good they looked; and when could they use them.  I think they were used in every single demo, which is a testament to the advantage of using fully painted models at shows.  With a table booked for the other big Scottish show, Claymore; Warmachine/Hordes is definitely getting shown off to a large gaming audience in Scotland.

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One of the things that I learned recently, is that PG’s aren’t infallible.  Essentially, we may not know all the rules; but know the essential ones.  In teaching or demonstrating the game, the rules are something that gets overlooked; certainly when I do it.

My demo style is more like a walkthru, where I will lead the player through the motions of learning.  One of the first mistakes I made, in my first demo; was information overload.  Adding in tactical tips, is another thing I avoid; as that just confuses the issue.  It is also pointless, as they may not start with the factions you demo (Cryx v Mercs, is my demo boxes); so giving tips on those is worthless to them (at that moment).

So turn 1, Focus/Fury and Movement; are the basics you need to learn.  Ignore the cards, as there isn’t much other than SPD and Focus/Fury you need just now.  Turn 2 Combat, Charging and Boosting.  This is the turn that will take the longest, depending on the player. I’ve not mentioned Magic, as this is something that will overload them; especially when you have synergies of spells to consider.  Turn 3, is everything in Turn 1 and 2 combined; with some hints or guidance should they be needed.  Turn 4, start to set up the end game; where they gain victory through Caster Kill.

I used to think throwing the game was unfair to the new player, but there is a learning opportunity which is vital in WM/H.  Unless your Caster is Karchev, you don’t want to be near combat; unless absolutely necessary.  So to learn this, you make them kill your Caster/Warlock; to show what happens – i.e. Game Over.  There is also the added bonus, from them winning their first game; that they may be more inclined to try again.

Overall, the game should be enjoyable and fun.  If that isn’t achieved, then something has gone wrong somewhere.

Demo Weekend

Well that is it, at least for me anyway.  It’s been a hard weekend, which I don’t want to repeat the bad parts.  However, the hard work has been worth it, with several new people interested in WM/H.

Ok I admit that it wasn’t all work and no play, as I did get a couple of games in playtesting the beta version of SR2012.  Yep you read that right, Steamroller rules for 2012!  Just from reading through the rules, there are some very interesting changes; which will make tournaments better in my opinion.

I don’t think it would be revealing much, to say there are going to be new scenarios; as well as some changes to existing scenarios.  There are also going to be some new kinks to the scenarios, that just from playtesting; will make players think more about deployment v scenario strategy.  Something I felt SR2011 lacked, as it was generally free-for-all in the middle of the board.

Suffice to say, I am looking forward to running and playing in tournaments next year; once the tweaks have been made to SR2012.