Claymore 2013

This Saturday, I will be demoing WM/H at one of Scotland’s biggest wargame shows.  Last year I demo’d Heap, the fun Bodgers card game from Privateer Press.

Other than the odd time, I haven’t demo’d the game like this in a long while so I am both looking forward to it and a little anxious.  I’ll be making time to speak to some of the traders as well, hopefully seeing if they can help out with the Scottish Masters.  Other than arranging payment of the entry fees everything is coming together for the event.  I’ll be promoting it on Saturday, hoping to spread the word about it.

If you would like to help out, or can offer something towards the event; please feel free to contact

UK Nationals

As of today (30th May), there are just 6 spaces left for what is shaping up to be the best WM/H tournament in the UK……if not Europe.  So what makes this so special?

First of all, this is the first time it has been held outside the UK Games Expo.  Even though there was a Masters event at the Expo, the UK Nationals is an official PP event.   Much like Lock and Load or Gen Con, Privateer Press have organised and providing all prize support for this event.

So what do we get for the entry fee?  Other then fact that you are taking part in the premier WM/H event, you will get to compete against the best in the UK; while meeting some great people.  Ok you also get an exclusive UK Nationals t-shirt, hints of other ‘goodies’ and food during both days; but they are the fluff to the crunch of butting heads with the best in the UK imo.

So why not come along, you could even come fight me for the wooden spoon (yes my sights are set high); or just experience something different to anything you might have seen before.  It promises to be a fantastic weekend, which will hopefully lead to bigger things in the future.


UK Nationals

Last year the decision was made to take the UK Nationals out of the UK Games Expo and create something more in keeping with the American events like Lock and Load.

On 29th – 30th June, the first ever UK Nationals will take place; with 128 player tournament; as well as the Iron Gauntlet qualifier.  For those not familiar with the new Iron Gauntlet, the UK Nationals will be the last place (this year) to be able to qualify for essentially the World Championships of Warmachine/Hordes.

It’s been a tough decision, but I have booked my hotel and bought my ticket and I will be going down to Stockport to play in the UK Nationals.  I don’t expect to do well, but it is more for the experience of it.  As of this time there was still 15 spots left, so if you fancy taking on some of the UK’s best players; head over to this thread on Warhammer Forum.

Where it began

Just over two years ago, this was the scene in a small section of the exhibition hall at the UK Games Expo.


Some players might recognise Pash Odedra, Press Ganger for Privateer Press.  I am the one on the right, in the long sleeves; trying to take a photo of the demo table.  This was my very first taste of the game, which even then set the precedent of my WM/H journey; yep I lost.  A lot of the thanks for why I am still playing the game, goes to Pash; who showed such passion and enthusiasm for the game; it was infectious.  From the humble Cryx battlebox I bought on that day, I am now owner of over 140 pts of Cryx; as well as Khador, Trolls and Legion battleboxes.  That is more than I ever had playing Battletech, the only other game to keep my attention for longer than a few years.

With no diminishing of my desire for this game and Privateer Press in general, I foresee many more years of playing Warmachine and Hordes.

Worlds Gaming Day – Report

The day after, the sun is shining and the whole event seems to have been a blur of organised chaos.  I would first of all like to thank all the WM/H players that came along, 17 eventually made it; which is a great turn out for this event.  What was really good was the age ranges of players, from kids up to the more mature players.  There was a great sense of being there for the games, rather then the real reason of raising money.

Frank and myself, busy getting the players logged into the system; honestly the laptop is my wife’s.  Between the three games, there was 48 players taking part in Flames of War, Warmachine/Hordes and Warhammer 40K.

There was a range of tables for the Flames of War, with some thematic ones like the recreation of the Monte Cassino.

There was also a table for the Battle of Starlingrad

Dave Paterson, was kind enough to loan some of his terrain for the use in Warmachine/Hordes.  With some really stunning houses and medieval paraphernalia to accompany them.

But it wasn’t the scenery that was getting the attention, the models themselves were in some ways the highlight of the show.

With so much going on, there was always something to look at; so I’ll post up the rest of the pictures later.

Suffice to say, the day finally did end and our winners were found.  For the Warmachine/Hordes the standings at the end of a hard fought day; were as follows.

1. Alisdair Johnstone – Cryx
2. David Kane – Khador
3. Michael Dick – Legion of Everblight
4. Tom Young – Retribution of Scyrah
5. David Grant – Circle of Orobos
6. James Stevenson – Protectorate of Menoth
7. Luke Mason – Cryx
8. Kevin Curran – Khador
9. Steve McConnachie – Legion
10.David Flynn – Retribution of Scyrah
11. David Brown – Cryx
12. Est Mount – Cryx
13. Ryan Hunter – Cygnar
14. John Sinclair – Trollbloods
15. Jonathan Mitchell – Skorne
16. Allan Gibb – Cygnar
17. Irving Kerr-Smith – Mercenaries

Top three got prizes donated by Privateer Press, as well as an art print from Privateer Press and freelance fantasy artist – Florian Stitz.  He was kind enough to send over from Germany, a number of signed prints; to be used as prize support.

So it only remains to thank everyone again, for all their hard work, effort and time into coming to the event.  As a TO, it was rewarding to see some good games, plenty of banter and of course winners at the end.  Here’s to the next one!