#PP Colossals Launch Event

Colossals has arrived and with it, around the world there are open play events happening to celebrate this new expansion.

Yesterday my LGS (Worlds at War), held their event; starting from 9am and running through till about 6pm.  With 12 players, it was a little chaotic in the small space; but it was so much fun.  While I wasn’t officially running it, I did help to set it up for the PG applicant-in-waiting Tom.  Due to numbers of players, we dropped the required points to 35; so games got done quicker.  This was especially noted with the longer 4-way games, which took that little longer.  It seemed the 4-way battles were well received, with most players getting one game out the way first.

I jumped into an All Battlegroup, 4-way match up; which was a lot of fun.  Facing 2 Retribution and one Menoth, was going to present some challenges to my Tier 3 Morty list.  I wasn’t out to win anything, so just charged in on the Sanctuary; Deathjack in the forefront of the battle.  I nearly pulled off an assassination on Tom, sending my Ripjaw through the Sanctuary (Spectral Steel).  Perhaps having not faced Mortemebra before, he forgot about the Ghostly ability.  As it was, Severius was the one to kill Mortenebra in the end; having had all my bonejacks and DJ wiped out.

Heading home after that, I had lunch with the wife; before heading back with the intention of just watching.  Sadly this didn’t come to pass as I played another couple of games, this time with a Tier 4 pDenny list.

  • Warwitch Deneghra
  • Harrower
  • Reaper
  • 2 x Ripjaw
  • 2 x Stalkers
  • Scavenger
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Necrotech
  • Warwitch Siren
  • Scrap Thralls

First game against Mercs, did reasonably well; just left Denny over exposed after her feat turn.  Counter feat from Gorten Grundback, pulled her within range of the Driller and Gorten…..game over.

Last game was against Dougie, with his Khador.  Running the Tier 4 list again, this came down to our usual slugfest; with just the two Casters and 3 jacks left on the board.  Denny well exposed, with the Harrower behind her and a Decimator and another jack in front.

Overall a great day and I’d love to run another open play format again in the future. For now, here are some pictures from the event yesterday.

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Ok so being a Cryx player I still have about a month to wait for the Colossal goodness; that is the Kraken.

In the meantime though, I got my hands on the Warmachine: Colossals book; which if you didn’t know already is the next expansion to the game.  A lot of complaints has arisen over the lack of models, other than the Legendary Casters and the Colossals.  Given Wrath had, Caster + Jacks + Solo’s + UA; it is understandable some might feel aggrieved.

However, I am one that actually likes the fact, there is little to distract from models; that are going to add a whole new depth to the game.  I’ve always had the feeling since Wrath/Domination that the Battle Engines were a test, of the market and of potential production issues.  Given the release of the new expansion, it is time to release the Colossals on to the Warmachine/Hordes players; as PP have wanted to do for many years.

I for one, am looking forward to the Kraken next month.  Along with Asphyxious the Hellbringer, I am going to have to look at getting more models.

And Onwards…..

Well still recovering from the ETC’s, there is no stopping this month; as I move onto the next thing Colossals Launch event.  With the book releasing today, I am all excited to get my copy tomorrow from my LGS.  Next week I hope to proxy the Kraken, in a casual game against a Stormwall.  Anyway that is next week, this weekend; there is our stores launch event for the new book.

Normally our store can hold 12 players, we have 16 confirmed players coming; with perhaps a few turning up on the day.  Because of this, we are dropping the points requirement to 35pts, but players can play 50pts; if they wish.  There is going to be store credit for the winners and obviously the fantastic coins on offer for the winning factions.  As an added bonus, there will also be a copy of Colossals on offer to one lucky player.  Some of the players have made their Sancutaries, but I am going to be making a couple of Cryx ones to add a little variety.

You’d think I’d been burned out after the weekend at the ETC’s, but if anything it has reinvigorated me towards WM/H; which I will admit had been flagging of late.  Bring on the Colossals, lets make this…..Colossal!

ETC’s 2012 – The Colossals

I was going to talk about the models, but I think the effects of the weekend are still in effect.  There was only one model that was dominant in discussions between players – The Colossals.

In particular the Cygnar Stormwall released last month, was the star of the event.  In total there were over 20 Stormwalls, plus a Mountain King and Conquest.

One team had 2 Stormwalls in each players army list, a total of 8 Stormwalls in the team.  While one member of Team Avalanche, managed to get to Lock & Load to pick up their Conquest and ninja shop for other items like the Mountain King.

It seemed that no matter which way you turned, there was a Stormwall involved in nearly every match up.