Level 7 [ESCAPE]

To follow on from this video……

A new development video has been released by Privateer Press, for their upcoming board game Level 7 [ESCAPE]. It gives an overview of some of the dynamics of the game, in relation to the key aspect – Fear.

For those going to Gen Con this year, there will be demo’s available to all the new games being released by Privateer Press; including Heap and Iron Kingdoms RPG.


Good games

Went to the last Battleground before the summer break today, managing to fit in two really good games against Jonathan.  I like playing against Jonathan, as he has learned the game really well; better than me in a lot of ways.  He also knows his armies (Retribution and Skorne), very well, so playing against him tests me a lot.

Playing two games, we kicked off with my 35pt Morty list, as mentioned previously; against his 35pt Vyros list.

  • Vyros
  • Phoenix
  • Manticore
  • Mage Hunter Strike Force
  • Mage Hunter Commander
  • Dawnguard Sentinels + UA
  • Sylys Wyshnalyrr

It was a really close game, with the Deathjack munching his way through the Mage Hunters.  Assisted by the Stalkers and Sirens, it was looking to go my way.  Sadly, I got a little over confident and missed an Overrun movement; leaving Morty exposed to the charge of Vyros.  Even with two Free Strikes from Harrower and Warwitch Siren; they couldn’t quite take him out.  Morty dead in a couple of hits, having already taken damage from the Phoenix.

Second game, this time switching to Scavvy; against Xerxis.  Scavvy was running Tier 2 list, with 2 x McThralls + Necrosurgeon/Stitch Thralls.  2 x Nightwretch, 2 x Stalkers, 2 x Warwitch Sirens.  Jonathan had Xerxis, 2 Titan Gladiators, Nihilators, Cetratii and Cyclops Gladiator.  It was a protracted affair, with the McThralls basically slugging it out with anything that came in range.  I am a little disappointed with some things, but definitely need some improvements with this Caster; despite the last minute win.

Good mornings gaming, topped off with a quick couple of turns of Game of Thrones.

Away from painting…..

In other news, I have learned that Battleground my local club; will be starting up a Friday night session.  As of the 18th November, Battleground will be open Friday night and Saturday morning.  This means that larger games will now be possible, as there will be no need to stop the game.

The other good news, is that this weekend starts the first of the Anniversary activities at Worlds at War.  Kicking off with a Demo Weekend, the shop will be host to a variety of games that local gamers want to show off.  From wargames to card games, any game could be on offer.  There is already confirmed WM/H (naturally), Flames of War, Malifaux, Munchkin, Battlefleet Gothic and Warfleet.  Warfleet is the game created by Battleground Livingston, for their annual show Skirmish.  All in all, this next few weeks will be a busy time for the shop; with new and old gamers getting to grips with lots of games.

Lanarkshire Gaming Club

Yesterday I had intended to visiting a new club for gamers in Hamilton (Scotland, not Ontario), so that I could demo Warmachine and Hordes. Suffice to say, things didn’t turn out that way.

Lanarkshire Gaming Club are, from what I could gather; a mix of existing gamers that know each other with some new faces.  Their first club meeting was in June, the same day as our Wrath event.  Determined to show them support, as well as help spread the Warmahordes bug; I drove the 45 minutes to visit them.

Arriving at the bowling green/community hall, it looks like the location for nearly every club I have visited – non-descript and as cheap as possible.  I first meet up with Shaheen, who I had been talking with on Facebook for a while.  Slowly people start to drift in, until there is about 10 people milling around the small hall.  Michael turns up with Pandemic, a game that throws all my demo plans out the window.  Pandemic is all about saving the world from the spread of deadly virulent diseases.  Sounds simple, but being a co-operative game; this is harder than it looks.  Add to this, there are more ways to lose the game; than win the game.   Ok so we played the Introductory level of the game, with only 4 Epidemic cards in the deck.

4 times I played the game in 4 hours, on introductory level; yet humanity was wiped out 3 times.  First we ran out of cards to draw, then we ran out of black blocks (the diseases).  Finally we all died horribly, when the viruses exploded and caused a cascade of death through Russia and Western Asia.  The game is brutally fun and addictive, if you ever get the chance to play it…….DON’T!!  It is just too much fun, even when you lose; there is that desperate feeling of ‘We can do this…..really we can’.

Pandemic aside for the moment, I have to thank Sheheen, Michael and everyone else; for making my visit so enjoyable and friendly.  So if your in the Lanarkshire/Glasgow/West Lothian area, drop by their forum (Lanarkshire Gaming Club) and say hello.  You never know, you might even get to play Pandemic.