#PP Colossals Launch Event

Colossals has arrived and with it, around the world there are open play events happening to celebrate this new expansion.

Yesterday my LGS (Worlds at War), held their event; starting from 9am and running through till about 6pm.  With 12 players, it was a little chaotic in the small space; but it was so much fun.  While I wasn’t officially running it, I did help to set it up for the PG applicant-in-waiting Tom.  Due to numbers of players, we dropped the required points to 35; so games got done quicker.  This was especially noted with the longer 4-way games, which took that little longer.  It seemed the 4-way battles were well received, with most players getting one game out the way first.

I jumped into an All Battlegroup, 4-way match up; which was a lot of fun.  Facing 2 Retribution and one Menoth, was going to present some challenges to my Tier 3 Morty list.  I wasn’t out to win anything, so just charged in on the Sanctuary; Deathjack in the forefront of the battle.  I nearly pulled off an assassination on Tom, sending my Ripjaw through the Sanctuary (Spectral Steel).  Perhaps having not faced Mortemebra before, he forgot about the Ghostly ability.  As it was, Severius was the one to kill Mortenebra in the end; having had all my bonejacks and DJ wiped out.

Heading home after that, I had lunch with the wife; before heading back with the intention of just watching.  Sadly this didn’t come to pass as I played another couple of games, this time with a Tier 4 pDenny list.

  • Warwitch Deneghra
  • Harrower
  • Reaper
  • 2 x Ripjaw
  • 2 x Stalkers
  • Scavenger
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Necrotech
  • Warwitch Siren
  • Scrap Thralls

First game against Mercs, did reasonably well; just left Denny over exposed after her feat turn.  Counter feat from Gorten Grundback, pulled her within range of the Driller and Gorten…..game over.

Last game was against Dougie, with his Khador.  Running the Tier 4 list again, this came down to our usual slugfest; with just the two Casters and 3 jacks left on the board.  Denny well exposed, with the Harrower behind her and a Decimator and another jack in front.

Overall a great day and I’d love to run another open play format again in the future. For now, here are some pictures from the event yesterday.

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Who’s got the Map?

Yesterday was the 2nd Malifaux event at Worlds at War.  As planned, I ran the Kirai crew again, with the addition of Jaakuna Ubume and some Gaki’s.

  • Kirai
  • Datsue-ba
  • Gaki
  • Seishin
  • Seishin
  • Seishin
  • Taelor

I had wanted initially to run without Taelor in the crew, but it worked out better to have Jaakuna as summoned.

First game was against Greg, running a Nicodem crew; which was a series of silly mistakes.  At this time I was unaware there was a restriction on the use of Schemes, which prevented using the same scheme twice in the event.  So taking Death after Death and Stake a Claim together, wasn’t the best option for me.  In quick succession, caused by a bottleneck through terrain; Nicodem wiped out Kirai and 3 Seishin.  This was pretty much game over in turn 2, no way to gain Death after Death; with Stake a Claim a very very long impossible shot.  I think making the switch from WM/H to Malifaux was difficult yesterday, as with Kirai I have to hold her back from my normal aggressive style.

Lessons learned though and definitely something to work on in future games.  Moving onto Game 2, which was against Victoria and her Colette & Showgirls crew.  Despite getting beat, it was a really good game; with an opponent that knew their models well.

Strategy was Supply Wagon, which you can see mine above.  With the schemes chosen being Framed for Murder and Hold Out.  It was really frustrating, to see my Gaki ready to engage Colette; so she could kill it (Framed for Murder).  Only to see Colette jump to the other side of the board, to swap places with the Coryphee Duet; scheme one stuffed.  I did manage to hold out and despite some attacks on the wagon, it survived without damage.  2 Victory Points, but Victoria did well to claim the game with 3 VP.

For whatever reason, the software used by the TO; drew me against Victoria again.  Despite suggestions from two other players, who were happy to swap; the TO decided to stick with the software. Fair enough, if I could have; I would have swapped crews at this time just to make it different.  Sadly it was Kirai v Colette again, with a whole new set of challenges.  This time the strategy was Turf War, with the schemes I decided to go for Betrayed by Spirits and Bodyguard.

This is the first incarnation of Ikiryo, almost killing Cassandra; to allow a healing flip on Kirai.  One measly HP away from killing her, so frustrating. Not wanting to miss next time, I took a massive risk, moving Kirai close to the action taking 5 WD’s; just to place Ikiryo within melee of Colette.  Sadly nothing came of it and ended up Ikiryo was killed again.  In the end it came down to time, with Victoria deservedly winning again.  I gained 2 VP for Bodyguard, but lacked the models for keeping Duet and Cassandra from claiming the Deployment Zone.

Over all I really enjoyed the day, still got a lot of work to do; to iron out the mistakes.  However, it is slowly sticking what I need to do with each model, especially the Seishin; which I might just add one more to the list for the 35ss next time.

Worlds Gaming Day – Report

The day after, the sun is shining and the whole event seems to have been a blur of organised chaos.  I would first of all like to thank all the WM/H players that came along, 17 eventually made it; which is a great turn out for this event.  What was really good was the age ranges of players, from kids up to the more mature players.  There was a great sense of being there for the games, rather then the real reason of raising money.

Frank and myself, busy getting the players logged into the system; honestly the laptop is my wife’s.  Between the three games, there was 48 players taking part in Flames of War, Warmachine/Hordes and Warhammer 40K.

There was a range of tables for the Flames of War, with some thematic ones like the recreation of the Monte Cassino.

There was also a table for the Battle of Starlingrad

Dave Paterson, was kind enough to loan some of his terrain for the use in Warmachine/Hordes.  With some really stunning houses and medieval paraphernalia to accompany them.

But it wasn’t the scenery that was getting the attention, the models themselves were in some ways the highlight of the show.

With so much going on, there was always something to look at; so I’ll post up the rest of the pictures later.

Suffice to say, the day finally did end and our winners were found.  For the Warmachine/Hordes the standings at the end of a hard fought day; were as follows.

1. Alisdair Johnstone – Cryx
2. David Kane – Khador
3. Michael Dick – Legion of Everblight
4. Tom Young – Retribution of Scyrah
5. David Grant – Circle of Orobos
6. James Stevenson – Protectorate of Menoth
7. Luke Mason – Cryx
8. Kevin Curran – Khador
9. Steve McConnachie – Legion
10.David Flynn – Retribution of Scyrah
11. David Brown – Cryx
12. Est Mount – Cryx
13. Ryan Hunter – Cygnar
14. John Sinclair – Trollbloods
15. Jonathan Mitchell – Skorne
16. Allan Gibb – Cygnar
17. Irving Kerr-Smith – Mercenaries

Top three got prizes donated by Privateer Press, as well as an art print from Privateer Press and freelance fantasy artist – Florian Stitz.  He was kind enough to send over from Germany, a number of signed prints; to be used as prize support.

So it only remains to thank everyone again, for all their hard work, effort and time into coming to the event.  As a TO, it was rewarding to see some good games, plenty of banter and of course winners at the end.  Here’s to the next one!

Scaverous v Khador

Since buying Lord Exhumator Scaverous last year when the model was released, I have played him a couple of times; even ran him in the Glasgow tournament.  Today I headed down to the shop, for our usual Tuesday night session; where I pulled out Scavvy for a couple of games against Khador.

My opponent, Dougie had brought Sorcha, with two Juggernauts and a Descimator; MoW Demolition and Winter Guard Bombadiers..  Lining up against that……

  • Scavvy
  • Erebus
  • Nightwretch x 2
  • Bloodgorgers (Full)
  • Bane Thralls (Min) + UA
  • Gen Gerlak Slaughterborn
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Pistol Wraith

Second game was against Irusk, Juggernaut and Destroyer; with MoW Kovnik, Manhunter, Marksman, Assault Kommando’s + WA and WG Infantry + UA/WA.  The only change I made to my previous list, was take out the Pistol Wraith to add in Gorman Di Wulfe.  The reason for this, was I completely forgot about the Pistol Wraith; so was wasted 3 points.

The biggest problem with Scaverous, is that he lacks any kind of punch.  To get the most out of him; you need those Arcnodes to open up charge lanes with Telekinesis.  The ability to turn the model’s back to you, is another great advantage; which can be capitalised on using heavy Jacks or charging Weapon Masters (Bane Thralls).  This is pretty much how I played both games, thought attrition was the killer for me.  Even with two Tough units, the dice were dire today; rolling lots of 1’s.  I messed up the Irusk game, but TK’ing the Juggernaut in a position to back strike Erebus; who was breathing down Irusk’s neck.  Losing him, pretty much ended the assassination attempt.

Overall I am pleased with how the games went, some stupid mistakes; but generally a fast decisive set of games.

The fight continues….

One of the things that was pretty clear yesterday, was that players; no matter their experience level were taking it seriously.  3 eHaley lists, 4 eDenny list (including mine) and a couple of eCaine.

Game 3 –  v  (Close Quarters Scenario)

After last weekend at the Tartan Brawl, I was NOT going to get caught out again by this scenario.  That said, the thought of running up against eHaley didn’t appeal to either of my casters (eDenny or Scaverous).  Without realising it (till now), I made the best choice in picking Scavvy for this one.  The biggest advantage I had with this, was my infantry shutting down his shooting Jacks rapidly.  With a Defender and Charger, wailing on my DJ and 2 units of McThralls; it wasn’t going to be a long battle.  Add in Black 13th, it was a struggle to get in fast enough to do anything effective.  That said, the application of Scrap Thrall to the face (from my Nightwretch wreckmarker); soon sorted out the last of his Black 13th.  I got a little worried with Scavvy being so exposed, in the middle of the board; but other then a charge (and really bad dice) he came through safely.  Though I am severe disappointed, I messed up big time in that I could have picked up Haley with the DJ and thrown her out of Killbox (cue evil maniacal laughter).

Game 4 –  v  (A Flag to Far scenario)

I mentioned in the first bit, that I was struggling with the time pressure, well this was just a disaster; because of that time issue.  eDenny v eThagrosh should have been a reasonably good match up, except for the idiot driving the Stupid Bus that day.  When you walk your Caster up to within charge range of not just a Carnivean; but also a Seraph which promptly assassinated eDenny.  How did this happen?  Well simply put, I had intended to use Feat and go Incorporeal; but got caught up in time pressure making me move on to the next model.  Word of advice to anyone in this situation, make sure you finish ALL actions with your model before moving on to the next.  Do everything with your KEY models first, then worry about support or non-essential models for that turn.  It was vital I had that feat in place, or at the very least was Incorporeal to stop the very thing that happened.

Game 5 – v (Envelopment scenario)

Final game and one that I won and lost.  eCaine v eDenny, my biggest worry was going to be Black 13th + Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + UA + GM Adept.  Biggest advantage to me though, was the scenario, which didn’t stop me winning on scenario; claiming 3 CP.  Yes I did say I won on scenario, this is the win part.  Denny had used her feat and gone Incorporeal the previous turn, to stop the Thunderhead and Caine moving out of charge range of the Nightmare.  Slamming the Nightmare into the Thunderhead, knocking it out of the CZ to claim a point.  Having already claimed a point, I just needed Denny to survive a turn of eCaine going feat ballistic on her (nearly impossible with no focus).  This is another reason to do KEY models first, as it was my opponent left Caine till last.  As such having just done 14 pts of damage to Denny; he ran out of time Denny survived by 4.  I really didn’t need to do anything to claim the 3rd CP or just go for the assassination run.  However, in a fit of sympathy and kindness; I told the organiser my opponent won.

In hindsight I won’t do it again, as I made the choice to be a little more competitive this year.  Whatever the reason for doing it, I hope my opponent and many others out there see that it isn’t just about winning.  I really enjoyed yesterday, getting 5 games in a row was awesome; as well as giving me a lot of experience/ideas.  To get essentially 3 wins was even better, but it isn’t about the winning for me.  It’s about helping the game grow and build in Scotland, even if that means I become the Ritual Sacrificial to the Pirate Queen that is Privateer Press.