Scottish Masters Update


Things are progressing at a rapid pace just now, with lots of ideas coming forward and also so great news.  Going go add a sticky to the site, with all the details of people who help out with this event.  There will also be a dedicated page with the same info and details of what they have done.


So first up, a big thank you to the guys at Privateer Press (EU) and Cerberus, who have put together a little pack of goodies to be used towards the prize support. Included in this, will be a faction coin for every faction available; except Convergence.  I think these will be hotly contested Best in Faction coins, which is always good to spice up the rivalries on the day.

In other news we are sourcing some potential awards, for both Top 3 players and the Top 3 for the painting element.  As a painter, I always want to promote this side of the hobby; no matter what people’s ability levels are.  We also hope to offer a little prize money/tokens/credit as well, but from talking to the players; the honour claiming Best in Scotland is what matters most to them.


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