Warmachine: Tactics

So unless you have missed it, Privateer Press Interactive; in partnership with Whitemoon Dreams kicked off their Warmachine:Tactics Kickstarter computer game in explosive style.  If you not sure what this is, check out the video 

Within 35 hours, they have broken and fulfilled their initial target of $550,000.  8 Days into the 30 day limit, they are nearing that magical $1m target.  Check out the Kickstarter, as stretch goals are being added almost daily; with the speed at which this is being backed.  Oh and if you’re outside the US; take a look at the updates BEFORE pledging as shipping is a lot cheaper than initially expected.

I’ve pledged at the $40 (Deadeye) level, which will give me the digital download of the game + an exclusive Kickstarter only model & coin due to be released in April; before the general release of the standard model in June next year.  After all the Kickstarter models have been send, the moulds will be broken and never produced again.

If you’re a fan of the tabletop game already, check out and subscribe to the Whitemoon Dreams Dev Diaries; where they hope to show what they are doing to bring this game to life.


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