Still Painting Away

With just 16 hours till I start heading to the UK Nationals, I am still busy painting models.  This has been hard, long and in many respects; rewarding month (and a bit) of achievements.

With just the final Harrower to finish, I will have painted:

  • Kraken
  • 2 x Seether
  • 2 x Harrowers
  • Malice
  • 4 McThralls
  • Blood Witches (not finished)

That isn’t including the repairs to DJ, Malice Morty; with marking the bases on all the new models painted and ones that I need at the weekend.  Tonight I am going to slowly paint this last Harrower, then get an early night; say about 2am.  So to all those who will face me across the field of battle at the weekend…….please don’t hurt me too much; or you will have my wife to deal with mwaaahhh!


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