Glasgow is Back

With the scene in Glasgow quiet recently, it was good to finally get back there to play.  The new PG Michael, was running his first event since taking the black.  It was also a good run for those tweaking their lists ahead of the UK Nationals this weekend.

Due to circumstances I still haven’t run the Coven list yet.  Not the most ideal situation, given some new models (Malice, Iron Lich Overseers) and rules (Jack Marshall); I have to contend with on the day in competition.  That said, it would be par for course in my WM/H history; jumping in feet first and just enjoying the ride to the bottom.

So how did I do in Glasgow? Surprisingly better than I thought.  Running the same Morty/pDenny lists, I came close in both games I played.

First game was against one of best players in Scotland imo.  PDenny v Kromac, it wasn’t plain sailing on either side of the board; as initial devastation of the twin McThrall units left Denny with the Seether and Kraken to threaten Kromac.  Kraken had already slammed and killed Getarix; knocking down a Warpwolf Stalker in the process.  Sadly the 2nd Stalker, with the help of Shifting Stones got teleported behind Denny (failed domination of flag) to rip her to pieces. It was one of those, kill her or be killed moments.  Loss via Assassination, with no CP claimed; Incursion scenario

My other game was against Luke, who was right royally shafted by his dice and a lapse of concentration.  As it was Divide and Conquer, I chose to use Morty against eSkarre; the movement sisters (Overrun/Perdition). Game should have been over on turn two, under Skarre’s feat turn Morty left exposed to Nightmare or Deathjack; Luke forgot about the model during his turn.  This prevented him removing the Seether from the zone and dominating it.  With little desire to put all my jacks into melee without attacking, I used their movement to cover Morty while threatening the Satyxis Raiders on the left flank with my Deathjack.  Doing damage limitation (contesting the zone), I dragged Morty over to the flag to dominate that.  Sadly Perdition on Luke’s DJ ended with Morty on the end of a DJ fist. Loss via Assassination, with no CP claimed; Outflank scenario

Overall a great day, despite losing the games; they could really have gone either way.  Which is another reason I love this game, it ain’t over till Grissell sings.



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