Gotta love them…..

Baldur's Gate (1998), a computer role-playing ...

Wives and girlfriends that is, at least those that understand the hobby and your geekiness.  I admit, I am a little stuck in my ways; when it comes to computer games.  Give me a classic RPG, like Baldurs Gate over the wishy washy games your get these days; where whizzbang graphics blind players to the shallow or even non-existent story/plot.

There was a glimmer of hope when Dragon Age came out, tens of hours I poured into the game, running it three times with different characters.  Sadly they let the players down with the follow up, where I barely scratch double figures in time spent completing it.  So I recently came across Good Old Games, who were offering Torchlight for free (as well as other games when you sign up for an account); during their NoDRM Summer Sale.  If that wasn’t enough, they have not one, but a bundle of 10 classic Dungeons & Dragons RPG games (Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Temple of Elemental Evil, etc).

Suffice to say, either my wife loves me very much; or she just likes me to be quiet while she is working.


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