Make it stop…..

The pressure of trying to paint these models in time, is starting to get to me.  My main focus seems to be on the Kraken just now, to the point that the Blood Hags are just being left unfinished just now.  That said, the Kraken *should* be ready for action this weekend in Dundee; with perhaps one last hard push I can have if finished tomorrow or Friday.

In other news I have decided on the following Casters; at least for the time being.  The choices were mostly because of knowledge of the Casters and my enjoyment of playing them.  Of them all, Morty is my favourite; having DJ and 2 Seethers for an opponent to contend with under Morty’s feat/spells; it so much fun.

  • Mortenebra (+ Deryliss) – Tier 4 (Infernal Machines)
  • pDeneghra – Non Tier
  • The Witch Coven of Ghalgast (+ Egregore) – Tier 4 (Machine Minds)


Just to remind everyone what my DJ looks like…..Mwaaaahhh!



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