RL Sucks

Apologies for lack of updates and pics of the models I am painting.  This is due  to the vagaries of the welfare system in the UK, in respect to how easily someone can screw you over with a simple mistake.  It’s taken nearly a week to get everything set back on track again.

So painting has been an ‘as and when’ kind of week, with the Blonde (Blood) Witches half finished; and some more work on the Kraken.  I had gotten the ‘leg’ section painted the previous week, but with all the issues; I haven’t had time to post it up.

IMAG0936 IMAG0940


As the Kraken is to be my Oath for June, I am including the Secret Ingredient (Freehand) on as much as I can.  Now given the size of the Kraken, I think painting the thing with a brush should count as freehand *grins*.

Ok, ok it was worth a chance.  So if you won’t accept a hand painted Kraken, I guess I will just have to give you this little piece of freehand completed today.



I’ll admit, I have never considered myself an award winning painter; but I am really blown away by how good this looks.  Especially considering, this is what I originally wanted on that carapace.



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