Painting Progress

Just over 3 days ago I finished the first Harrower, since then I have had a painting frenzy; with not just one; but 4 models painted.

The Seether, which could be seen in the background of the Harrower pictures; had been started.  However due to trying something new, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted.  I used the Vallejo Crackle Medium on the red sections, with a necrotite green base coat.  It didn’t crackle as good as I had hoped, so had to improvise a little……or strip it completely.  Given the time constraints, I decided to salvage it as best I could.

IMAG0914 IMAG0918 IMAG0919 IMAG0920


Next up the two Iron Lich Overseers, which were a massive pain in the ass.  If you come to buy these, make sure you pin that tail piece well; as it was the only piece to give me issues.

IMAG0927 IMAG0930 IMAG0931


Finally the Blood Hag, finished today.  I really do hate painting flesh tones, no matter what model I am painting (humanoid or beast).  That said, I think this turned out reasonably well in the end.

IMAG0922 IMAG0925 IMAG0926


Already started on the Blood Witches, though again ‘flesh tones’; which added to a full unit equals brain shutting down.  Had enough for the day, going to head off to New Eden* to kill some rats.

*Eve Online, for those not familiar with the game.



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