UK Nationals

Last year the decision was made to take the UK Nationals out of the UK Games Expo and create something more in keeping with the American events like Lock and Load.

On 29th – 30th June, the first ever UK Nationals will take place; with 128 player tournament; as well as the Iron Gauntlet qualifier.  For those not familiar with the new Iron Gauntlet, the UK Nationals will be the last place (this year) to be able to qualify for essentially the World Championships of Warmachine/Hordes.

It’s been a tough decision, but I have booked my hotel and bought my ticket and I will be going down to Stockport to play in the UK Nationals.  I don’t expect to do well, but it is more for the experience of it.  As of this time there was still 15 spots left, so if you fancy taking on some of the UK’s best players; head over to this thread on Warhammer Forum.


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