LXG Correction

I’ve always been aware that credit should be given where it is due.  So when Tom Haswell messaged me this morning,  to point out that my original post was incorrect.  Tom co-founded the LXG with 4 others, who all contribute to the site.

Other than Belgarath97, Second Class Elitist and LXG; I’m not aware of who the other members are; however this shouldn’t detract from the contributions of the other members.  If you haven’t already, check it out at League of Extraordinary Gamers.


One thought on “LXG Correction

  1. B97, Myself (2CE), the ever mysterious Alan is LXG, Odinfellhammer (who occasionally writes painting articles) is also a founding member. Our “fifth Beetle”, unfortunately, no longer hobbies to my knowledge, ans irregardless no longer really communicates with us. We generally consider him to be a freak “Spinal Tap Drummer Accident.”

    LXG at it’s core is more of a mindset- trying to draw attention to companies doing things “the right way.” This way we generally refer to as “by gamers, for gamers, with gamers.” There’s a whole lot of stuff out there once you get past the Big Three (GW, PP, CMoN), and in most cases the smaller companies have a better rapport with their customer base. (In a minor defense of the Big Three, it is easier ot have a better rapport when your Kickstarter is 500+ people, rather than your game is played by several hundred thousand.)

    If anyone is ever interested in writing for us, we also do take freelance articles from like-minded people. contact leagueofextraordinarygamersATgmailYOUKNOWTHEREST for more information.

    Thanks for the plug, mate! Keep reading, keep playing, and keep hobbying! I’ll see you on the other side of the table.

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