There are exciting things coming for the world wide WM/H community, as well as the grass roots level of the game.

Recently it was announced there would be a World Team Championships, to be held initially in Belgium in 2013.  Each country would be allowed 2 teams of 5 players, to compete against the worlds best.  So this got me wondering about how people would finance this kind of venture, from a team POV; not the WTC organisers.

Certainly in Scotland, the 10 best players would be pretty easy to find; but would they be able to pay for it?  Not only that, does their real life situation even allow them to contemplate a venture like this; when jobs and family are considered.  I think realistically, Scotland could definitely field one team; two would need some planning.  This is where the sponsorship idea comes in, where there are many avenues that could be looked at.

  • Game Related Sponsorship – Kind of like ‘Team Scotland will use X Product to compete at the WTC’
  • Companies do have sponsorship programs, which might be applied to this.
  • Fund raising, which could be put towards an overall fund for this kind of thing.
  • Kickstarter, which has been banded about recently for Team England.
  • Lastly, just asking for discount, special offers or arrangements.  It’s not begging, when all your doing is making a polite enquiry; as to the possibility.

Having worked with a charity in Scotland, I know some of the issues this can bring; but don’t let those rejections get you down.  It just takes one kind person, to make all the difference.


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