Skirmish 2012 – WM/H


Despite there being 2 months till Skirmish, I am already working on the format and additional aspects of the event.  I have made enquiries about chess clocks to several of the chess clubs in the area, as well as written to a retailer of them; see Sponsorship post previously.

The aim is to have the following format:

  • 20 players (more if demand exceeds 20)
  • 50pts (Divide & Conquer)
  • 2 Army Lists (standard SR2012 restrictions)
  • Death Clock Timings (53 Minutes)

Currently there is no premier WM/H event in Scotland, it is hoped this will be a test of the format for next year; when this will be over 2 days rather than just one.  It’s going to be a gruelling day, 5 games in one day, is not something I would normally contemplate; but then the Scots are a hardy and tough breed.


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