Wind up or Wind down….

It might seem like a strange title for a blog post, but give me a moment to explain.  This year (to date), as been one hell of a rollercoaster ride for me.  There has been a lot of effort put into building a Scottish presence within the UK WM/H scene, which has only been helped a lot by the recent efforts of some of our more dedicated players.  In particular the players from G3 Glasgow Gamers and several players from Aberdeen.

To give you an example, 4 – 5 of the players from Aberdeen travelled to SmogCon this year.  On the way, their car broke down and they were towed home again.  Normally this would be the end of it, but these guys jumped on a bus; travelled overnight to be at Smogcon.  At the UK Masters, quite a few Scottish players were in attendance; with one player coming within the top 10 best in the UK as others gave a respectable showing.

So it makes me wonder why, I am currently struggling with whether to give up being a PG or not.  I admit that I am sitting here now, mentally wrecked; having just driven back from Hampshire; through M6 rush hour and torrential rains in the Borders.  Nine and half hours, to think about this question; yet I am still no nearer an answer.

I love this game, I love being a PG; but that love is turning sour recently and I hate that.  So do I wind up, put myself forward as coordinator and push hard for a Scottish Team at the ETC/WTC; get the Scottish Open off the ground.  Or do I just it down, not bother with trying to improve the game for everyone in Scotland.  First though, I’m going to get some sleep; night all.

2 thoughts on “Wind up or Wind down….

  1. What’s causing you to think about giving up your PG status? What’s been happening to decrease your love for the game? I’m sure you’ve identified these things already, but perhaps just think about cutting back on those things? Maybe just taking a break to refresh yourself would help

    I also think you’re presenting a bit of a false choice in your final paragraph 😉 There is a middle way. You can keep doing what you’re doing to increase the profile of Warmachine in Scotland, with local events, encouragement/introduction of new players etc, but not take on the Scottish Coordinator job for the WTC. There are other people who can potentially do that.

    • You’re right in that I know in part why I feel this way, it is just a matter of finding a way to deal with it. I know I could never give up the game completely, PG status or not; so in a sense I would still be achieving the goal of promoting the game in Scotland.

      As an update on the WTC, someone has come forward to lead/coordinate; but I have suggested that this be a joint effort. While the team selections aren’t that much of a problem, it will be the getting the team to Belgium; that takes the most amount of time. I will be lending any help I can offer on this, as I would like to see it succeed for the sake of Scottish gaming in general.

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