It’s a Scorcher!

Well once again the sun is beating down and I am no nearer to getting any painting done. I’m currently stalled, as I am supposed to paint a model for my wife; before I am allowed to touch anything WM/H related.

As such it’s piling up and I am getting to the point, that I am going to blitz them; not really worried about the look. Not that I am one of these players, that worries too much about them. Unless they are a center piece model, basic infantry are spray, base and dip.

Things are also hotting up with War Room, with being one of the lucky ones with access; there are still some issues with it. Not sure why, but I am able to access some cards; but not others. This is actually a bad sign, as I haven’t even bought the decks yet. However, what I have seen is looking really good.

The images even on a HTC Desire S (mobile phone), are crisp and clear. Loading is a tad slow, but nothing that I would have a problem with. Despite what others say, there is an army builder, though players were hoping for an iBodger replacement; not what War Room seems to be offering.

The problems are being addressed, the main concern for Tinkerhouse, is getting those Android devices; that aren’t able to use it at all. From that they can then work on the other, but certainly not lesser issues; that are being brought up. Patience is the key here, so go play some games the traditional way…, dice and marker pens

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