Blog Hiatus

Last month was my busiest of the year, with 4 events I attended (I think? It’s a blur as you will see). So the blog itself has gone a little to the wayside, as I have just not had the energy to direct it in to writing.

Today though, having just come back from seeing Brave with my daughter visiting from Canada; I thought I would try to catch up on what has been happening.

Beginning of July was just getting things ready, I had ordered my PG copy of Heap too; which is a great game.  The new Colossals book was also eagerly anticipated, with the first of the new releases in July; in the shape of the Stormwall and Nemo3.  If that wasn’t enough, I drove down to Mansfield; home of Maelstrom Games to help officiate in the European Team Championships.  It was a long and gruelling 3 days, but one of the best times I have had since starting WH/M.  Following weekend, was the Colossals Launch event at my LGS, which was fantastic fun and my first time playing in an open play format.

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3rd weekend in a row, up to Perth for the first event in a long time at Intrepidations.  25pts, running my pared down Morty list; was so much fun even if I did get the wooden spoon.  Finally on 4th August (yay one weekend off inbetween), I attended Claymore with Scotlands’ newest PG; Scott Burry He demonstrated Warmachine/Hordes, while I demo’d Heap for the first time.

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It’s taken me a couple of weeks, to get myself back on track health wise; as the ETC’s took the most out of me.  Thankfully having some time to relax and get back to painting, has made all the difference with some glorious sunshine as a bonus.  Oh yea, there was one other thing you might have heard, something called War Room was released. I certainly like it, even though some people seem to take a different view of it.  Their choice and prerogative, I don’t have to push the product in their face; as it will sell itself eventually.


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