Where it began

Just over two years ago, this was the scene in a small section of the exhibition hall at the UK Games Expo.


Some players might recognise Pash Odedra, Press Ganger for Privateer Press.  I am the one on the right, in the long sleeves; trying to take a photo of the demo table.  This was my very first taste of the game, which even then set the precedent of my WM/H journey; yep I lost.  A lot of the thanks for why I am still playing the game, goes to Pash; who showed such passion and enthusiasm for the game; it was infectious.  From the humble Cryx battlebox I bought on that day, I am now owner of over 140 pts of Cryx; as well as Khador, Trolls and Legion battleboxes.  That is more than I ever had playing Battletech, the only other game to keep my attention for longer than a few years.

With no diminishing of my desire for this game and Privateer Press in general, I foresee many more years of playing Warmachine and Hordes.

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