Something Different

Whenever I go away to convention or tournament, I am always on the look out for things for my wife.  Her main passions within the fantasy realms are Fairies and Angels.

So when I was at the Games Expo a couple of years ago, I bought and painted her the Bad Fairy model.  Below is my version, in the colours my wife likes most – Purple!

So when I was at the ETC’s last weekend, I naturally drifted around the store to find anything I could take back for her.  Eventually I found another Freebooter Miniatures fairy, this time it was the Fairy of the Woods.

Perhaps it is the colours used, but I didn’t like this model when I first saw it.  The face looks totally wrong and like it belongs on a china doll, not a woodland fairy.  Having started on it though, I am pleased to see that the face and general casting is very clean and shouldn’t look horrid when finished.  I’m going to paint the wings separate, but this is where I am at after about 45 minutes work.

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