#PP Heap – Pedal to the Metal Mayhem

Well the game isn’t officially out yet, but to help get the game exposure; Privateer Press have allowed the Press Gang to pre-order a set.  This is really exciting as it is for me, the first time of getting something ahead of the general release (in August).  I’ll be doing demo’s of the game, which looks like a lot of fun; at my LGS as well as Claymore next month.

So what is Heap?

It’s a card game for 2 – 4 players, where players attempt to build; bodge and scrap together the ultimate scrap yard vehicle.  With 4 different vehicles to choose between, the race is on to upgrade them from the scrap pile of parts; while fending off your opponents for all the best scrap.

The Vehicles

Doombuggy, Gyrohopper, Scrap Hog and the Bigg Rigg.  Each one has strengths and weaknesses, which can be helped by adding parts from the Heap.

The Parts

From the Heap, each player gets to upgrade (add cards to) their vehicles; to help in their quest to win the Pile Up.  Each card has different abilities and could affect the player or their opponents. However with the game being every player for themselves, watch out for underhanded tactics that could damage your vehicles parts.

Why take my word for it, watch the video to see how this madness plays out.  Look out for demos in your local gaming store in coming weeks.



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