Ok so being a Cryx player I still have about a month to wait for the Colossal goodness; that is the Kraken.

In the meantime though, I got my hands on the Warmachine: Colossals book; which if you didn’t know already is the next expansion to the game.  A lot of complaints has arisen over the lack of models, other than the Legendary Casters and the Colossals.  Given Wrath had, Caster + Jacks + Solo’s + UA; it is understandable some might feel aggrieved.

However, I am one that actually likes the fact, there is little to distract from models; that are going to add a whole new depth to the game.  I’ve always had the feeling since Wrath/Domination that the Battle Engines were a test, of the market and of potential production issues.  Given the release of the new expansion, it is time to release the Colossals on to the Warmachine/Hordes players; as PP have wanted to do for many years.

I for one, am looking forward to the Kraken next month.  Along with Asphyxious the Hellbringer, I am going to have to look at getting more models.


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