And Onwards…..

Well still recovering from the ETC’s, there is no stopping this month; as I move onto the next thing Colossals Launch event.  With the book releasing today, I am all excited to get my copy tomorrow from my LGS.  Next week I hope to proxy the Kraken, in a casual game against a Stormwall.  Anyway that is next week, this weekend; there is our stores launch event for the new book.

Normally our store can hold 12 players, we have 16 confirmed players coming; with perhaps a few turning up on the day.  Because of this, we are dropping the points requirement to 35pts, but players can play 50pts; if they wish.  There is going to be store credit for the winners and obviously the fantastic coins on offer for the winning factions.  As an added bonus, there will also be a copy of Colossals on offer to one lucky player.  Some of the players have made their Sancutaries, but I am going to be making a couple of Cryx ones to add a little variety.

You’d think I’d been burned out after the weekend at the ETC’s, but if anything it has reinvigorated me towards WM/H; which I will admit had been flagging of late.  Bring on the Colossals, lets make this…..Colossal!


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