ETC 2012 – The Teams

While there was lots of teams, the one common thread between them all; was their friendliness to everyone.  Despite this being a competition, there was always time to talk or chat; even during a game.

I didn’t get to know them all, with 54 teams and about 6 different languages; it was hard sometimes to hear your own voice in the vast hall upstairs.  I did however get to know several of the teams, so big thank you to Team Powder Keg for making me feel welcome right from the start (typical Irish craic).  Also thanks to Team Bazinga, showing the rest of the teams that you don’t have to win (all the time), to have fun at these events. The dayglo green tutu, was a lovely touch for the winners in your team.

Good to talk to several other PG’s as well, who were part of their respective teams.  This included Matt and some of the players from Team Avalanche.  Overall a good weekend to connect with people I only know from online, but also to meet new people; who I hope to keep in touch with.


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