Just updated the Upcoming Events list, which some of you will notice there is little time to breath between events at this time of the year.

This is in part due to the fantastic player base that is building up in Scotland for Warmachine/Hordes.  The Colossal Launch event on 15th July, was posted up on our Scottish WM/H pages; within a week we had 12 players signed up.  We now have 17 and with just over a week, we can’t fit any more into the shop (12 player spaces max).

With other venues/stores opening up, this is a great time to be getting into the game.  We even have another Press Ganger in Glasgow, Scott Burry; who will be working with Spellbound Games in Glasgow to promote the game there as well.  For those going to the ETC’s at the weekend, I’ll look forward to meeting some of you.  Just look out for The Mad Scotsman, sans the kilt.


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