PG Exchange

It seems like ages, that we started this; but sadly it is drawing to a close tomorrow.  This was the deadline set for all models to be finished, by the PG’s taking part.  I think part of the problem I had, was that I finished the Kayazy Assassins so quickly.  Even painting Nicia, Tear of Vengence; didn’t take me too long.  So most of April, has been spent watching others finishing their models; hoping to spot the one painted for me.

Tonight though, I think it has finally been posted up.  The list we had to supply, was to include one 30mm, one 40mm and one 50mm based model that we would like.  We could also include 2 additional models of any size base, which would mean a choice of 3 – 5 models we had to look out for.  The models I chose were:

  • 30mm – Warwitch Siren
  • 40mm – eGrissel
  • 50mm – Malice

I also added in eSkarre and Dire Troll Mauler.  For the last few weeks, there has been an eSkarre painted by Meg Maples; painter for Privateer Press; posting up WIP.  Now whoever is getting this, is getting an awesome model; which Meg has turned into a diorama.  There was a few times, my excitement built; thinking “Could this be for me?”.

However, there was an eGrissel posted up tonight, that I think will be winging its way across Europe.  From the skin colour to the tartan, it matches everything I was looking for.  It’s that good, that even if I isn’t for me; I’ll be asking the painter how he did the skin tones; as it looks fantastic.

I might try again, to organise an Exchange in our LGS; as it is great fun to do and not just limited to WM/H.  You only get what you ask for, so I could paint tanks for someone who plays Flames of War, but still get WM/H models from whoever paints for me.

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