Worlds Gaming Day

One of the things I mentioned recently was prize support or donations, for the up coming Worlds Gaming Day.  Now registration for the event will be closing on 6th May, so just a week to get your ticket guaranteed and also have a chance as owning some of this.

If that wasn’t incentive enough, I have been in contact with Florian Stitz; who has kindly donated some prints to the event.  For those that don’t know his work, he has done many pieces for Privateer Press over the years; as well as several other gaming companies (Paizo, AEG, Catalyst Game Labs and more).  Certainly with his WM/H pieces, there is an energy about them that makes them appealing.  So a big thank you to Florian, for his donation.

I’ve also just had an email from Privateer Press in the UK, who are sending up some items to be used in the event; so more details of that will follow soon.  Hopefully, there will be other things on offer; but this is looking to be fantastic event.


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