Worlds Game Day – 20th May 2012

One of my biggest events this year, will be Worlds Game Day.  The brainchild of Frank, owner of Worlds at War; he is looking to create a unique gaming event.  The shop location isn’t ideal, but those who do visit; admit the set up is good for the size of the property.  But it lacks the size needed, for one of those big events; the type of event that is once a year.

Hence Worlds Game Day, a combination of all the most played games in the store; run on the same day.  For now we have Flames of War, a very popular game in the shop and probably the biggest amount of stock available.  Next up Warmachine/Hordes, probably the most played game in the shop; given it’s smaller model count.

Recently GW games have been making a bigger impression, due to the closure of the GW shop in Livingston.  So there talk of including either 40K or WHFB, into the event; should there be space available.

There is still time to get tickets, which can be bought from the shop website. Or if you’re in the Central Belt, can be bought in store from the shop.  I feel jealous actually, that I can’t take part in it; seeing as I am the one running the WM/H tournament.

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