The Kraken Awakens

Ok I’m not going to get tired of saying that, seeing as I am of the age to remember the original (and still the best) Clash of the Titans film.

Anyway, this isn’t about 1980’s cinema; this is about the newest addition to my army.  Yea I know it’s not released until August, but I love it now more than when I saw the artwork.  Watch the video to see what all the hype is about.

Not impressed yet? Yea I know it’s a little early to be getting this excited, but to be honest I was disappointed by the Battle Engines; the Kraken on the other hand has everything the BE should have had last year.  Take note, looks like the Coven might be my next Caster(s), before this is released; given they are in the video… this a clue of things to come? eCoven perhaps?

Or maybe the video footage is all red herrings, as this is just playtesting; seeing if the Kraken will break the game. Not that Cryx is broken folks, it’s just your imaginations; plus you obviously haven’t got the right tools to fix it.

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