Malifaux Update

Well after the tournament last month, I have decided to make a Kirai crew; based entirely on the Japanese/Oriental theme.  One of the things I liked most about Kirai, was the movement shenanigans; it just fit in so well with my tricky devious mind.

So next up on the list of models, will be

  • Jaakune Ubume
  • Ten Thunders Brothers
  • Misaki, Warmaiden

I don’t even know what they do or even if they will work well together.  Malifaux for me, is all about giving me a break from WM/H every now and then.


2 thoughts on “Malifaux Update

  1. Movement shenanigans indeed!
    I’ve played Kirai a couple of times lately, and nothing is more annoying than models zip-zooming around the field, and healing up as if you had never hurt them. Yeesh!

    • I am still getting to grips with them, but I agree from a player persepective; they are frustrating to play with and against. Sounded like a good game between Ortega v Kirai, certainly gave me a few tips on how to play them. Thanks for the comments.

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