Dates for Diaries

I thought March was busy, April and May are going to be mental.

April 21st – April Annihilation.  A 35pt SR2012 event at Worlds at War, Livingston.  There is space for 16 players, but this may well be the last 16 player tournament held in the shop.  Frank the owner has done a lot for the WM/H (and general gaming) in the area, but now feels he needs to cater to the needs of the business better.  With the closure of the local GW shop, he is looking to help those players out by stocking a small amount of their gaming needs.  This means cutting back on the gaming tables, to make room for some changes.  Next Worlds at War tournament will most likely be 12 players max.

May 6th – Chaos of the Warp 3.  CotW started in December 2011, to bring a more fun side to the game of 40K.  Since then, they have run several tournaments, which they are now expanding out to other systems.  CotW 3 will include Warmachine/Hordes, where I will be running a 35pt SR2012 (2 list Divide & Conquer) event.  Space is limited to 10 spaces, but players can buy tickets in advance ahead of time at the Cotw website.

Last up the big one….

20th May – Worlds Game Day. Worlds at War will be combining Flames of War and WM/H into one event.  Running tournaments of both on the same day, in some really nice surroundings at Howden Park Centre.  If you would like tickets, they should be bought in advance from the shop website (Worlds at War).  For those interested in the WM/H section, it will be as follows:

Date – 20th May 2012
Players Spaces – up to 32
No. of Rounds – 4 Rounds (up to 16 players)
5 Round (16+ Players)

Round 1 – 35 pts
Round 2 – 35 pts
Round 3 – 35 pts
Round 4 – 35 pts (16+ Players) or 50 pts (less than 16 players)
Round 5 – 50 pts (16+ Players ONLY)

For all rounds of 35 pts, you will require 2 lists, under the standard SR 2012 (Character Restrictions apply).

For the final 50 pts, there is only ONE list needed. This army does NOT need to meet Character Restriction criteria. This is an all or nothing last game, so choose your army wisely.

As I said, this is going to be a massive day for all concerned; not just the organising of it.  I should also point out, all profits from ticket sales, etc will be going to the British Legion.  Prize support is coming from both Worlds at War or from donations of prizes.   It is hoped these events will be bi-annual; but we will see how this one goes first.  Depending on demand, Frank has also been talking about adding in either 40K or Malifaux as well.

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