Too quiet

I’ve been keeping my head down recently, as March was just way too busy for me.  With two WM/H tournaments, as well as the recent Malifaux tournament; it’s been a struggle health wise for me.

That is not to say I haven’t been busy, far from it.  As you will have seen painting hasn’t been far from my agenda, though it hasn’t been the blitzing of previously.  I recently finished a little silly side project, which my dear wife convinced me to take on.  Anyone who know the PP forums, will have seen the My Little Pony thread.  I always saw the cool avatar pictures with the ‘Cryxian My Little Ponies’.  So when my wife spotted as My Little Pony in the supermarket; she made me buy it to convert it from this……

…..into My Little Nightmare Pony.

Ok so it’s not very Cryx, but it was fun doing it.  Wife and daughter liked it so much, they want one converted too.

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