Warmahorde Worlds Event

Frank, our local mad gaming store owner (has to mad, he lets me in the shop); asked me about the possibility of running a combined event with Flames of War.  Now while the prospect of a Deathjack mauling a Tiger tank, has certain appeal; this wasn’t what he meant.

So over the last month or so, we have been hunting out locations and working on ideas for the event.  Today we revealed our madness to the light of day.  On 20th May 2012, Worlds Gaming Day will be born.  Running at the same time, it will be a 24 player Flames of War tournament and a 36 player tournament.  It will be a charity event, with monies raised going to the British Legion.

For the Warmahorde Worlds side of things, I wanted something completely different.  Using SR2012, the following format will be used.

If there is less than 16 players – 4 rounds, more than 16 players – 5 rounds.

First 3 or 4 rounds (depending on numbers) will be 35 pts, character restricted; with two army lists.  The final round (round 4 or 5), will be ONE (1) 50pt,  non-character restricted list.  This means players can use anything they like, in an All or Nothing last game.  This will be a big step up for me, but I am already looking forward to it.


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