Dundee Battle Report

Just getting time now (Sunday) to post this up.  It was a long, but exciting day in sunny Dundee yesterday.  Total of 19 players turned up, with some from as north as Aberdeen; West as Glasgow and South as yours truly.

Game 1 – Cryx v Circle (Incursion scenario)

I am really not happy with myself on this game, I made some stupid errors that cost me the game.  Essentially my opponent was running Mohsar, dropping Pillars of Salt to stop me getting to the flags from Incursion scenario.  The errors, are that I didn’t pick up on the fact; he couldn’t place the Pillar ON the flag.  Second mistake was thinking I had to go around it, I had a fricking Deathjack; which could have walked up and sorted out the problem.  As it was, it came to Dice Down and he had managed to kill 4 points more than me.

Game 2 – Cryx v Cryx (Demolition scenario)

I really enjoyed this game, though not because of the result.  It was mostly for the fact it was eDenny v eGaspy (Tier 4).  I haven’t got to play much of the new scenarios, so playing this one was a learning experience too.  The Explosive Cache can be brutal, if you catch things right.  With eDenny, this i always possible.  Going first, ran everything, Nightmare Ghostly through terrain; Nightwretch in a good position to channel and use it’s AOE.  eDenny within walking distance of controlling the Cache, with a wall of infantry to get through.  Turn 2, walk up use her Feat; lock up opponents Gaspy, DJ and some Banes which block the ones behind.  Nightmare begins the process of clearing out the CZ, with the help of the Warwitch Siren.  The trick I liked mostly though, is hitting something with Hellmouth; then using the Cache to take out anything left over.  POW 12, followed by POW 14; there isn’t much that is going to walk away undamaged. Scenario win – 4 CP (2 claimed on the last turn OBJ + CZ, which I just checked IS allowed on this scenario).

Part 2 will be the final 3 games, in which I taste victory and show that Cryx players have a heart too.


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