Painting Exchange Update

After the last one I did, I promised myself that I would spend a little more time on the bases; to make them look part of the model.

I’ve been working out the ‘scene’ as I am going along, which I am happy to say is starting to come together.  I’ve posted up the base for one of the models, which has now been joined by a second base.

As I have posted teasers into the PP forums, I see no harm in showing off this pair of deadly ladies; which one lucky recipient is getting.

They aren’t ‘glued’ to the base yet, as I don’t want to have to do the base around the model; like I did with Maelok last year.  Just some gap filling and tidy up of these two, then it’s priming and painting time.  Clock is ticking as, I only have until the end of April to finish.

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