Character Building or Evolution?

Normally my world and my wife’s rarely connect, but today she came across an article; that she thought I might like.

Gaming today, especially RPG’s are broken completely with Real Life.  That is what gamers want in some respects, to immerse themselves in their characters while they play; but do they really?

2 thoughts on “Character Building or Evolution?

  1. I don’t think players necessarily want to immerse (theatrics is not tactics, and some people like the abstract consideration of resource management). There are people who enjoy character building and long live they.

    I’m not one of ’em though, I always liked the Call of Cthulhu/World of Warcraft ‘it levels up if you use it’ approach myself, and personally I agree that I don’t want to be stopping my play-time to have a bout of GAMER ANGST over whether I’m choosing the right feats/skills for ten levels’ time. But not everyone is me. Some people are better at making those choices, and enjoy them. I respect that, even if I think they’re fruitcakes.

    • I completely agree on the level or desire to ‘be the character’, is as individual as the characters themselves. It’s the axiom, you only get out; what you put in. As for player angst, the situation you describe is probably why I detest D&D 4th Corruption. Even from the start your planning a path, there is no evolution or random encounter that is going to change that path. Might also explain why I do wargaming now, there are only s handful of systems I would play now.

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