March Madness

Well I have 8 days now till the Tartan Brawl, the following week; I am up in Dundee for a 25pt Steamroller at Highlander Games.  With concentrating on the Brawl, I haven’t even thought about Dundee yet; so that will be my priority next week.

For now though, I am amusing myself with creating Malifaux Crews, that have nothing to do with ‘Must Have Models’.  See that term has always rankled my chains, as it implies to even be able to play the game; you must have them.  I bought Kirai crew, yet all I keep hearing is ‘must have Seishin’. Will the world end, if I don’t put more on the board? No, the worst that will happen is that I get beat.  The most likely result though, is that I challenge myself, have fun and walk away happy; with the dignity of knowing I am not a sheep following the herd.

So here is a crew, I think would look awesome on the board; to hell with synergy or winning.  Here is my Eastern Promise 30ss Kirai crew.

Ressurectionists Crew – 30 – Scrap

Kirai Ankoku — 3ss Pool

Datsue-Ba [7ss]
Gaki [3ss]
Jaakuna Ubume [5ss] *Yes I know this isn’t released yet*
Misaki [8ss]
Onryo [5ss]
Seishin [2ss] *OMG only 1, I am so gonna get beat now*


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