Spring PG Painting Exchange

Last year, I took part in a painting exchange between the Press Gangers.  It was a lot of fun, especially as I got to paint one of the new Minion Warlocks – Maelok.

This time around, it is being changed; with some sneaky shenanigans.  We have all been given a list of about 3 – 5 models, which we can pick to paint one or all of them (should we desire).  The kicker though, is that we don’t know who our ‘victim’ is going to be.  So unlike last year, I can’t really give a WIP; as that might give the game away.  However what I can say, is that I am painting two (technically 3) models for my victim; from Khador and Menoth.

Yes you read that right, I am voluntarily painting Menoth models; who would have thought it?


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