Post Tournament

I am definitely getting too old for this.  Yesterday’s tournament was to say the least, the worst one I have done so far.  Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  That said, I want to thank everyone for coming along and for putting up with some stupid mistakes by me.  I’m not proud of yesterday, if anything I am annoyed as I wasn’t focused on what I was doing.

All the moaning aside, I was impressed with a lot of the games yesterday.  Some of them were really hard fought matches, with a couple coming down to just attrition.  We even had two new tournament players, which was fantastic to see.  So the results, which for some was quite surprising.

  1. Alisdair Johnstone (Cryx)
  2. Jim Lawrence (Menoth)
  3. Richard McHale (Retribution)
  4. James Stevenson (Cygnar)
  5. Ross (Circle)
  6. Kevin Curran (Circle)
  7. David Flynn (Retribution)
  8. Barry Kelly (Cryx)
  9. John Sinclair (Minion – Blindwater)
  10. Jonathan Mitchell (Skorne)
  11. Andy Palmer (Trollbloods)
  12. Michael Dick (Cryx)
  13. Mark McKinlay (Khador)
  14. Ryan (Cygnar)
  15. Est Mount (Cryx)
  16. Irving Kerr-Smith (Mercenaries)

Well done to everyone, without the players it wouldn’t be such a good day.  I also need to offer an apology to James and Richard, how in my tired brain swapped their positions; giving James the 3rd place by mistake.  I am truly sorry for that, which I hope didn’t spoil the day for either of you.  In some ways I am glad there won’t be a tournament in March, as I think I am getting burned out with too many things going on.  April though, well that is when we kick it up to 50pts, which should be very interesting for our newer players.


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