Tartan Brawl 2012

I’ve been signed up for this, since end of last year.  Having missed it last year, I was determined to make it this time around.  Normally held over 2 days, it has sadly had to be cut back to one day; due to venue issues.

Format is 3 x 50pt lists, with each list being played once; in the first three rounds.  The fourth round, any of our three lists can be played.  Sticking with my Crutch Free 2012 promise, there is no Bile Thralls in any of my lists; which has been a challenge to create.

So what are my lists?  Well as I am not a competitive player, I have no problems revealing them here now.  Then again, I think I’ll wait for a bit longer.  Got an appointment with a Khador player just now, so hopefully I can test out one of the lists.


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