Painting by Numbers

Ok so I am showing my age here, but this is literally what I have been doing to get myself back into painting again.  I’m not actually talking about using one, more the spirit of it, where you take each colour at a time.

I envy these painters, that keep going despite things piling up.  At the moment, the only thing worse that painting block; is the pile of metal that is building.  Irony of all this, is that the models I am painting is the Withershadow Combine; minus one.

I think from this picture, you can guess which one of the Combine is missing.  Yep Tremelous is missing, he is still bare metal and awaiting primer.  Anyway, with both Admonia and Maelevous nearly finished, I thought it would be a good incentive to post up pictures.  Hopefully I can have the 4 x McThralls, 10 Satyxis Raiders + UA + Raider Cpt and the Scrap Thralls I have coming; ready for Tartan Brawl in March.


2 thoughts on “Painting by Numbers

    • Thanks, hopefully when the helmet/amrour gets done; it will make it stand out even more. Though I really do need to get my lights positioned, wasn’t happy with just a single light source from above; when taking photos.

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