PP Insider 2-10-2012

Will Hungerford, for those of you who don’t know; took over for the great Jen Ikuta last year in the role of Quartermaster.  What the Quartermaster does, is keep Press Gangers like me in line.

Ok so that is an over-simplification of the job, but essentially Will is there to make sure we as Press Gangers; get the support of Privateer Press. While giving you the players, the best games possible.  I’ll let the Boss, explain the rest; why his Insider is about the Gang.


So, do you know of a PG like that?  If there is one thing, that I have learned in the short time with the Gang; is that we are all there for each other.  The game and reputation of Privateer Press, is what matters; irrespective of our own personal views.  As Will says, if you have the passion; perhaps you should think about joining the Gang too.

4 thoughts on “PP Insider 2-10-2012

  1. After my first Gen Con in 2010 and being a PG since 2003, I was sadly disappointed in the way the PG treated me in person. I thought I knew them through the forums, private messages, inside jokes, and more. However, in person, it was all different.

    I was also saddened by the way the QM at the time treated the PG. I resigned officially on Feb. 1, 2011, after volunteering for almost 8 years.

    Resigning from that volunteer position was one of the best things I did.

    They are a good group of people and a good company, but it’s not always on the sunny side. Sorry to

    • Fair enough, sorry to hear of your experiences. It can sometimes be hard, to deal with people in person; where you think there is some form of attachment online. Other than the other PG’s from Scotland, I haven’t met anyone else who wears the black….yet.

      • Definitely- I had a blast during my time until I did get a chance to meet everyone. It just wasn’t as portrayed online or through private conversations.


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