Thought I would share this, mostly because these are best painted Menoth models I have seen. They would even make me a Cryx player, want to play Menoth.

Miniature Musings of a Bear

Welcome to the latest Blogging Bonanza post and this time we have Andy from the Meandering the Dune Sea. So let’s get straight into it

1) Name (alias) – Andy, Blog/Forums: Rkik or Dahli.Llama, Twitter: Dahli_Llama

2) Name of Blog and Link
Meandering the Dune Sea

3) Is this your first blog or have you experienced blogging elsewhere? First blog.

4) What systems did you start off concentrating on for the blog?
Started off as just a general everything blog, with some focus on Warhammer Online.

5) Has this changed since the birth of the blog?
It has morphed into a Warhammer 40k and board game centric blog with occasional bits about other miniatures games.

6) Why?
Mostly because I quit playing Warhammer Online and I found that I was more willing to write about miniatures games than I was about random life stuff.

7) Who/What inspired you…

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